The How’s and Why’s of Breast Augmentation in Singapore

The most common among procedures in plastic surgery is breast augmentation. Believe it or not, there was a total of 1,488,992 cases reported worldwide in 2015 alone. Breast augmentation in Singapore is very popular, not only in Singapore but in most Asian countries. Others would fly to have their breast augmentation procedure done even though they can already have their boob job in Singapore. Are you curious to know why? Let us find out in this article by Health Ascent.


What is Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the size, fullness and shape of the breast. A silicone or saline implant is placed by the surgeon under the chest muscle and it lasted to an average of 7-12 years.


Two types of Breast Augmentation in Singapore


Breast Implants

Breast implants are usually made of silicone or saline. Both might have differences but, their use is technically the same. An incision in the breast will be made then implants will be inserted and positioned precisely to achieve the desired result. After which, the incision will be stitched closed and allowed to heal. Breast implants are soft to touch and gives the breast a fuller appearance.


Fat Grafting

This procedure involves the transfer of the patient’s own fat from other areas of the body to the breasts. Fat grafting is considered more natural compared to breast implant. The result is more natural-looking and it is much safer. But for you to be able to undergo the procedure, you must have at least 150-250cc available fats to be grafted. Fat grafting and silicone implants can be combined but of course a recommendation from your doctor is needed.

How is Breast Augmentation done?


Choosing of Breast Implant

The doctor will help you first in choosing the size of the implant needed.



Since it is a surgical procedure, it will be done under anesthesia. An incision will be made by the doctor once anesthesia takes effect. The incision will be made under the armpit, under the breast or nipple area depending on your preference or the advice of the doctor.


Implant insertion

Implants will be carefully inserted and positioned. There are two types of placement. A submuscular placement where it goes under pectoral muscles and sub mammary placement that goes behind the breast tissue.

Closing the incisions

The surgeon closes the incisionwith the use of bioabsorbable sutures.

  1. Fat grafting procedure

Fat grafting has only two steps. The first part is the harvesting of fats and the second part is the insertion and positioning of fat grafts in the breast.


Why do many women have breast augmentation?

Here are the possible reasons why women are having breast augmentation:

  • Small breasts – this is the reason of most women why they choose to have breast augmentation. Some say they are always teased because of their flat chest; hence they get a boob job.
  • Weight loss – losing weight can lead to sagging skin especially the fatty areas of your body including the breast. They opt to have breast augmentation to get fuller breasts that will compliment their toned body.
  • Pregnancy – after pregnancy the breasts lose volume, droop and get smaller. Mothers turn to breast augmentation for a needed a makeover.
  • Self-esteem and confidence –the size, shape and fullness of the breasts add confidence and increase a woman’s self-esteem.
  • Mastectomy – women who had breast cancer and undergo mastectomy choose to have breast augmentation to reconstruct their breasts. It helps in the healing process, not only physically but also emotionally.
  • Defy aging – as you grow old your skin sags, as well as your breast. Breast augmentation can help in restoring a women’s youthful appearance.

Whatever your reason might be, it is still your personal choice. If you think it can help you physically, emotionally, mentally and socially, go for it girl!


Why do some Singaporeans fly overseas to do have breast augmentation?



The cost of breast augmentation is way cheaper in other countries compared to Singapore. No wonder Singaporeans with limited budget go abroad. They are enticed with the fact that they will be able to save thousands of dollars. Thailand offers the cheapest breast augmentation as the cost of silicone is cheaper there. In Singapore, it will cost you $2500 for a breast augmentation procedure, but in Thailand it will only cost you $600-$800. The surgery itself may be cheap, but counting in factors like airline tickets and accommodations, having your boob job done abroad can come much expensive than doing it locally in Singapore. If you want to be practical, do not go overseas.

Quality of Service

In Singapore, a patient’s well-being is high priority. Surgeons are discouraged to do 3 surgery in a day to avoid the quality of service to be compromised. This also ensures that doctors are able to handle their patients well. However, in some countries, doctors work based on volume. They prioritize quantity over quality. The more surgeries they do in a day, the better. So, if there are many people waiting outside the clinic, doctors tend to work fast with their patient so that they can accommodate more surgeries. This kind of practice can definitely harm the patient and give subpar results.

Medical Practice

Singapore’s Ministry of Health is very strict when it comes to the accreditation of plastic surgeons. If you are not an accredited plastic surgeon you are not allowed to perform surgery. In contrast, general surgeons in some countries perform plastic surgery even when they are not certified. That is definitely a risk not worth taking.


Why is breast augmentation in Singapore recommended?


There are many clinics you can choose from in Singapore that can offer you quality service and certified plastic surgeons. Aside from that you can expect to get better pre-treatment and aftercare service. Also, it is cost-effective. Not only can you save money, but you also save time. No hassles of packing things and tiring yourself from travelling.


Vanny on Breast Augmentation

Vanessa Tang, also known as Vanny, is a fitness mommy blogger and influencer in Singapore who went under breast augmentation. She made a blog about her experience and was featured in Healthy Care Magazine online. Her reason for having breast augmentation is that her breasts became smaller after she gave birth to her two daughters. According to Vanny, it is a tough decision to make but because of her supportive husband, family and friends, she felt at ease. Her surgery may have cost her a lot of money, but nevertheless she is very satisfied and happy with the result.


How to choose your doctor wisely?

Communication is very important in this type of surgery. You will know how good your doctor is in communicating if he or she can explain to you in the simplest manner the procedure of the surgery. You can also do some research and check credentials if he or she is a certified plastic surgeon. You can ask help from you family or friends for recommendations. Remember, the success of the surgery lies in your doctor’s hands so choose well!




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